About iPIN

Guangzhou AIPIN Technology Co., Ltd is one of the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence companies. Its brand iPIN is committed to building a general business intelligence analysis platform, with capabilities of business identity comprehension and information analysis, in order to help its clients work more efficiently in a challenging environment and achieve knowledge work automation.

Dream Team


Yang, Yang


Former Associate Professor, HIT

Entrepreneur, PhD in Information Systems

Joint Researchers

Tang, Pingzhong

Joint Researcher

TA, Tsinghua University Yao Class

Talent, 1000Plan Recruitment Program

Zhang, Ziqiong

Joint Researcher

Professor, HIT

Outstanding Youth, National Science Foundation

Chen, Peiyu

Joint Researcher

Associate Professor, Arizona State University

Scientist in Information Systems


Chen, Yunshuang

Design Director

Former Design Director at YY

Expert in User Experience Design

Work Place Like Home

World-class Innovation

Competitive Salary

Generous Options

Rapid Growth

No PM2.5

Working with Big Shots

Geek Culture

Free Afternoon Tea

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